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Sharon Maraghechi
Director and Founder of Tizasp
Professional Services Inc. (TPS)

Sharon is the founder of the Tizasp since 2009. Sharon has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Canadian Immigration law and she follows the immigration rules and law amends on day-to-day basis.

Sharon has worked as a Senior Immigration Analyst and Specialist for more than 10 years and has worked with many different lawyers in the immigration field. Sharon received her Bachelor in Management from Iran as well as Canada. She also graduated as an Immigration Practitioner from Humber College, Toronto, Ontario.

Sam Hasanain, Esq
(American Immigration Attorney)

Sam Hasanain is a licensed American attorney who specializes in American Immigration Law, among other practice areas. Sam attended The University of Illinois in Chicago with a BA in Political Science where he graduated magna cum laude with honors.

Sam received his Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, the #5 law school in the United States for Legal Writing. He also worked at the International Center for Human Rights, a non-profit that advocates for human rights in international and domestic tribunals. Sam has a passion for assisting immigrants and non-immigrants through their visa process and tirelessly advocates for his clients’ best interests. Sam is a member of the American Bar Association and the Chicago Bar Association and his firm handles all visa needs ranging from students and visitors to investment visas and everything in between.

Niky Talebiani
(Canadian Immigration Lawyer)

Niky is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, a Commissioner of Oaths, a Notary Public in the province of Ontario and a Partner at T & Z Law LLP. She primarily practices immigration and family law but has experience in various other legal fields as well, such as real estate, landlord tenant matters, consent and capacity board, and employment law. Niky also litigated and advocates for clients before the Courts of Justice, Federal Court and tribunals.

Abbas Pourhashemi
(Iranian lawyer / International Law)

Dr. Abbas Poorhashemi is an Iranian lawyer / International Law (Barrister and Solicitor) since 2010. He is a member of the Attorneys and Experts Affairs of Iranian Judiciary Bar. He was an assistant Professor and faculty member at Tehran University of Science and Research (IAU) for more than ten years. He has taught Iranian civil and criminal law, international law, international environmental law, the law of international treaties, and other legal courses to J.D. and/or international LL.M. students. Furthermore, he practices Iranian law as a lawyer (barrister and solicitor) and legal advisor in Iran on commercial, civil, criminal, family and international cases. He also provide legal opinion as an Expert in Iranian law before Canadian courts. Dr. Poorhashemi is the president of Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE). He takes care of any matters in Iranian Immigration or Temporary Visas.

Market Operations & Business Developement

Rajeev is a market researcher who takes care of business & marketing operations for India and canada . He has done dual masters in International marketing and had marketing & sales experience more than 5 years .

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